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Synapse Featured in FT Partners Open Banking Report

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Carla McMorris
June 22, 2021

Recently Synapse was interviewed by FT Partners for their industry-leading Open Banking, Rearchitecting the Financial Landscape Report, March 2021. 

During the extensive interview our CEO, Sankaet Pathak, shared his personal story behind Synapse’s founding, detailing his experience as an immigrant who couldn’t open an account because he had no credit history. He was motivated to start Synapse with a mission to ensure that everyone around the world has access to best-in-class financial products, regardless of their net worth.

“Our value proposition is that our customers can bring their product to market in weeks as opposed to months or years.”

Sankaet explained Synapse’s three product hubs that ensure that developers have the tools to create financial products across a wide product range of fintech sectors including Deposit, Credit, and Crypto. The interview continues, reviewing Synapse’s marketplace positioning, several customer stories, and Synapse’s key market differentiators which include: 

  • End-to-end offering
  • Rapid speed to market
  • Infrastructure focused
  • Limitless scale
  • Revenue multiplier
  • Market access expansion

After discussing the revenue model of the company, Sankaet shared the long-term vision for Synapse and the product map over the next 5 years. 

We invite you to read the Synapse CEO Interview in the Open Banking, Rearchitecting the Financial Landscape Report, and contact us if you have any questions.

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