Case Study

June 3, 2021

Bridge21 is Modernizing Cross-border Remittances

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Carla McMorris
Director of Content

Bridge21 empowers customers to send funds from any US bank account to any Mexican bank account using blockchain as its infrastructure for remittances. Bridge21 wants to help its customers send money across the border reliably, quickly, and safely in adherence to regulatory compliance best practices. 

Following their vision that the latest technology will one day move money as fast as information around the globe, bridge21 provides a reliable service for thousands of customers who have sent millions across the border. Customers get competitive exchange rates, low fees, and the predictability that the funds will get there on time and in the right amount. 

Bridge21 uses Synapse’s* modern technology platform to power its remittances services. Synapse’s technology helps bridge21 send funds via ACH and International wire to accounts between the US and Mexico.

  1. Bridge21 was able to offer faster remittances with Synapse’s modern platform.
  2. Bridge21’s launch would have been delayed 6 months to a year without Synapse’s multiple bank partners. 
  3. Bridge21 is a daily user of the Synapse Dashboard that makes tracking risk management and other services intuitive and seamless.   
  4. Bridge21 has realized its vision with Synapse’s modern technology and wide breadth of financial products that have helped them grow.

“The effort involved in working directly with a bank in the US required integrating with multiple vendors. Working with Synapse was a fast all-in-one solution.”  

-Will Madden, CEO

After helping bridge21 bring its service to market 6 months to a year faster than working directly with a bank, Synapse continued to add value by delivering turn-key solutions including KYC services to protect them against fraud. Today, thousands of individuals, retirees, and businesses have sent millions on bridge21’s superior service.

To learn more, read the full case study here.