Case Study

July 21, 2021

Gig Wage Brings Instant Payments to the Gig Economy

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Gig Wage partners with Synapse* to help every company around the world pay every gig worker in a modern way.


Approximately 59 million Americans participate in the gig economy either through their primary or secondary jobs (1). Powering instant payments to contractors (individuals) from vendors (businesses) was the vision that Gig Wage brought to Synapse. Synapse was able to bring this vision to market in 6 short weeks.

Gig Wage is a payroll payments and banking platform built for marketplaces, enterprises, and SMBs that need to scale their contractor payments and support. Powering businesses to send payments to contractors via ACH and Interchange, Gig Wage modernizes contractor’s payments so 1099 workers can flexibly self-onboard and self-manage their payment information through a contractor portal to get paid instantly. 

Synapse’s modern technology helped Gig Wage build efficiencies for their customers and increase the speed of their payments from days to instantaneous. 

  1. Synapse’s technology and APIs made it possible for Gig Wage to offer instant payments to contractors, which have helped distinguish their services in the market.
  2. Gig Wage used Synapse’s wide range of products to build a unique payroll and payments platform, helping vendors retain contractor workers.
  3. Synapse helped Gig Wage grow with financial products and services that resonate with its customers. 

“Our long-standing partnership with Synapse has been an integral part of our growth and success.”

-Craig J. Lewis, CEO

Gig Wage saw gig workers as the future of work and they reached out to Synapse to help them build a modern payroll, payments, and banking platform. Today, Gig Wage is helping gig workers get paid on-demand, and vendors optimize expenses and efficiencies that ultimately help attract and retain workers. 

To learn more, read the full case study here.


1. Fortunly, February 2021