Case Study

May 25, 2021

LVL Innovates Crypto Banking with Synapse

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Carla McMorris
Director of Content

LVL is a financial services provider that delivers cryptocurrencies and banking services. They want to make buying and spending crypto as easy as online shopping. 

Guided by their mission to change finance for good by expanding access to premium financial services, LVL provides an even playing field for investors with crypto. Customers get a cryptocurrency exchange with an integrated crypto wallet and banking services all without transaction-based fees.

LVL’s customers buy Bitcoin straight from their checking account, convert it, and spend the proceeds with their debit card. Synapse’s modern technology and wide product breadth made it possible to deliver this seamless experience.

  1. LVL built the customized services they needed from Synapse’s all-in-one infrastructure layer.
  2. LVL integrated crypto and banking products for their customers while leveraging Synapse’s partner bank services. 
  3. LVL and Synapse partnered to integrate crypto and banking services that distinguishes their brand.

“Without Synapse we would have been stuck in a crypto-to-crypto only product instead of a market-leading open, integrated banking services product.”  

-Brandon Eng, CTO

LVL is helping first-time crypto customers buy, store and spend cryptocurrencies in ways that weren’t possible before. Synapse’s modern technology and multi-bank relationships have helped LVL accelerate payments, eliminate transaction fees and build deep relationships with customers. 

To learn more, read the full case study here.