Case Study

March 25, 2021

Quo is Changing Predatory Lending by Making Their One-time Loans a Force for Good

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Carla McMorris
Director of Content

Synapse helps Quo deliver One-time Loans instantly to members who need a loan for an unplanned expense.

Four out of 10 Americans don’t have enough savings to pay for an unplanned expense of $400 or more. When Quo set out to improve the $400 problem they envisioned delivering credit instantly to their members whenever they needed it. In 2018, Quo came to Synapse to bring that vision to reality. 


Quo is a membership-based suite of financial services that promote financial wellness. The app offers a wide range of services from budgeting tools to expense management tools to a rewards program to emergency loans, all working to help the member keep their financial dreams within reach. Quo’s members have access to preapproved One-time Loans with low APR that they can pay back in installments and a Spend Card for convenience that Quo can monitor to ensure that the purchases are for emergency expenses.

Quo partners with Synapse to reliably deliver integrated financial solutions for their members. 

  1. Synapse’s technology and APIs make customizable integrations simple, straightforward, and fast. Our vertically integrated approach helped Quo customize their services with a single commercial agreement and a lower lifetime total cost of ownership.
  2. Quo leveraged Synapse’s wide range of solutions to build a unique service that includes One-time Loans, card issuing, card processing, and compliance support. 
  3. In collaboration with Synapse, Quo has control over its business model and customer relationships with membership approval, card issuing, and transaction authorization with Just-in-time funding™.

“Synapse is a strategic partner for Quo at every stage of the customer journey from application to loan disbursement and payback.”

- Neel Y., CTO

Synapse supports Quo throughout the customer lifecycle making it possible to deliver a One-time Loan product and a spend card with the flexibility to adjust to the unique needs of each customer. Synapse’s wide breadth of integrated financial solutions also gives Quo the support and control it needs to add new features, expand the customer experience, and source new revenue streams.

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