Crypto Wallets

Buying & Selling Crypto – As Easy As Funding A Deposit Account

Our banking infrastructure makes it easy to buy, sell and hold crypto. We integrate with exchanges to provide liquidity and use our banking partners for crypto custody, making buying and selling multiple coins as easy as funding a deposit account or trading within a brokerage account.

White-labeled Crypto Wallets allow for simplified exchange, meaning you can use our APIs to perform the exchange between crypto and fiat. No separate exchange integration is needed. Additionally, developers do not need to take custody of funds, as our partner financial institution acts as the custodian for end users.

With our Crypto Wallet, you can trade instantly using our fiat and crypto deposit products. Our Wires and ACH APIs make it easy to fund or defund crypto wallets. Crypto Wallets are equipped with comprehensive ledgering and no minimum balance requirements.

All fiat is FDIC insured, up to a maximum of $250,000 and crypto is insured by us against any security breaches.

At the API level, Crypto Wallets work the following way:

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import os
from synapse_pay_rest import Client
from synapse_pay_rest import User
from synapse_pay_rest.models.nodes import CryptoUsNode
user = User.by_id(client, '5b3a6085ad388f0069c67c31')
crypto_payload = {
'nickname': 'Crypto Wallet'
crypto_us = CryptoUsNode.create(user, **crypto_payload)

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