Release Notes

September 6, 2022

April, May, and June Release Notes 2022

Carla McMorris

We have implemented many new features and enhancements in this three-month time period, and they are listed below.

🆕  New Features

🚢  Loan Reserve Node Type Creation 

We enabled the client dashboard to create a loan reserve node. Users are able to create LOAN-RESERVE-US nodes through the dashboard.

🚢  Onboarding Improvements

The onboarding app now collects all KYC documents required for businesses and individuals in accordance with the newest client categories and company activities. This increases the speed to production and reduces the need to contact the compliance team. 

🚢  Ship Card Payment Node Update on V2 Dashboard

Users now have the option to pay for shipping using CMA in addition to DEPOSIT-US and RESERVE-US.

📈  Enhancements

🚢  Onboarding Form Changes 

We removed some of the deprecated options in the business type form to make it easier to select the options you need. The list now includes: 

🚢  Expanded KYC  

Synapse now supports KYC for customers from Vietnam and Colombia to enable onboarding from those countries. To learn more see our API documentation for Global Cash here.

🚢  Expanded Government ID to Upload  

Allow US customers to choose which government ID to upload, making it easier for the platform to identify the documents that were used by the customer to onboard. To learn more see our API documentation for Global Cash here.

🚢  Dashboard Improvements

501(c)(3) document types are now accepted in the API. A basic info tab was added to the user details page. Users can now submit this document during onboarding directly without talking to compliance. 

  • We added the status and the last updated date to individual sub document rows on the user details page to display more related information. Now users can get all the data at a glance on the table.

  • The SRN address is now displayed on the transaction details page. This relevant information identifies the receiver’s address at a glance.

🚢  Enhanced ID Score

Added features for business names and business emails to further enhance ID score & KYC.

🛠️  Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where the upload docs page is empty when logged in again during  onboarding
  • Fixed bug where Limited Partnership (LP) entity type was missing onboarding
  • Fixed file extension validation issues
  • Fixed recurrence of Missing Statements / 1099 INT
  • Fixed 400 error when there are calls POST /documents
  • Fixed various issues to improve stability and performance of the statement generation