Release Notes

September 29, 2022

July & August 2022 Release Notes

Carla McMorris

We’ve added many new features and enhancements to this release. All are listed below. 

🆕  New Features

🚢   Disable Sign-in After User Has Already Signed-in

When a client has signed in as a user on the v3 dashboard, the user will not be allowed to use "sign in as a user"  functionality. The button will be disabled. This enhancement will improve the navigation and will provide clear error messaging. 

🚢   Create Transaction Button to User Details

We added a button to the user details page so the user can create transactions.

🚢   Analytics Page Built for Primary v3 Dashboard

We created a new analytics page for the v3 dashboard mimicking the existing style and functionality on the v2 analytics page for ease of use. The date input field is now split into two separate fields: start date and end date.

🚢   CSV Bulk Transaction Creation

This feature allows bulk creation of transactions on the v3 dashboard. Users can now create multiple transactions in one step by uploading a csv or json file. This saves users a lot of time because they can create multiple transactions at one time. 

📈  Enhancements

🚢    Beneficial Owner Form Error Message Improvement

We added an error message to be shown to the user on the Beneficial Owner form on the onboarding app if the address information is incorrect. The error message will allow the user to troubleshoot issues and make fixes. 

🚢   Download Buttons on Tickets, Webhooks and Subscriptions are Disabled

In this enhancement, the download buttons are removed from tables where the download feature isn’t available. This enhancement doesn’t bring any change to the user’s workflows, it makes functionality more aligned to design.

🚢   New Node Type Added for Paying Fees

When selecting which node to use for paying for card shipping fees, CMA nodes are added as an allowed node type. New allowed types include DEPOSIT-US, IC-DEPOSIT-US and CMA. This gives users more choices and flexibility on selecting payment node types.

🚢   New Node Type Added to the Create Codes Modal 

Users can now create LOAN-RESERVE-US nodes in the node creation flow. For more information on node types please refer to the API documentation.

🛠️ Bug Fixes

  • The Fraud compliance group is now able to proactively unlock users who were locked based on low ID score. 
  • Bugs fixed on transaction details page where values were not displaying correctly and the copy icon is copying the wrong value. 
  • Various styling issues fixed on primary v3 dashboard to allow users to conveniently scroll physical documents.
  • Download functionality fixed on primary v3 dashboard for users and transactions table to allow users to download filtered data.
  • Bug fixed for data presentation on Transaction Limits controls table. Previously NULL values were not shown correctly.
  • Bug fixed in dispute transaction functionality unlocking dispute workflow for the users.
  • Fixed a bug where when a client dashboard user tries to change the daily withdrawal limit on a card subnet, the change does not take effect.