Release Notes

December 5, 2022

September & October 2022 Release Notes

Carla McMorris

We’ve added many new features and enhancements to this release. All are listed below. 

🆕 New Features

🚢  Remote Deposit Checks

We enhanced check image processing to improve features like check orientation, image cropping and noise reduction. This eliminates additional manual reviews of approximately 40~50 checks a day due to poor image quality of checks submitted by users and helps faster processing of Remote Deposit Checks.

🚢  ID Score 

We enhanced KYC capabilities to cover additional use cases  like multi-user accounts including minors (below 18 years) and valid IP addresses. Overall, it improved the verification rate for such accounts to above 95% by reducing false positives and increased trust levels for ID Score.

📈  Enhancements

🚢  Improved Security 

We improved account security by limiting the MFA send attempts on the Dashboard. Now after 5 unsuccessful attempts an error message will be shown and users will have to refresh the page and sign in again.

🚢  Fullscreen Table Width (all pages)

Transactions, nodes, and user tables now utilize the full width of the screen on wide monitors and maintain a minimum width of some columns. This allows users to view more information when more screen real estate is available.

🚢  V3 Dashboard Navigation 

On the v3 dashboard, the user ID on the node details page now links to the user details page. Users can now navigate directly to the relevant user page from nodes without copying the user ID.

🚢  Trans-node Linking Edge Case

We changed the v3/node/<nodeID>/trans route to consider platform user nodes. This allows users to navigate from Transaction Details to Node Details safely regardless of who owns the node.

🛠️   Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where user search by user email address caused exception shown on page
  • Fixed a spelling bug on the error message for the subnet status update operation
  • Fixed a bug on the Documents tab affecting some dropdowns and checkboxes
  • Fixed a bug to provide accurate creation date for the entity
  • Fixed a bug that now links successfully to the dashboard after the last step of onboarding