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January 12, 2018

Client Manager

Michelle Nguyen

Here at Synapse, we are always working to improve every facet of our current and prospective clients’ user experience. In the past few months, we’ve been particularly focused on evaluating our on-boarding and document submission flows. We have asked ourselves this question: How can we streamline these processes based on customer feedback and distinguishable pain points? Our answer: Create a new client management module that enables clients to view and manage their own information via an intuitive user friendly interface.

The new client manager is built with a diverse range of features, which include:

A Comprehensive Client Overview

The overview page delivers a comprehensive list of all the information we have on file for your platform so that you can view all of your Synapse client details, all in one place. From here, you can easily navigate to view and add/update KYC documents, application info, logos and preferences, billing and reserve settings, etc.

Self-Service Account Management

This platform reduces the latency of fulfilling minor requests such as re-issuing client keys, switching billing accounts, and other small tasks that were once performed manually. Instead of submitting a help desk ticket and waiting for one of our team members to respond, we empower you to take matters into your own hands. You can do this by visiting the portal and performing these operations instantly, without having to queue up for assistance. As you interact with our UI, we will make the API calls to update your information. If anything is missing from your submission, we will provide detailed, human readable error messages.

Frictionless Production Key Issuance

When platforms are ready to go live, we want to get the ball rolling on issuing production keys as efficiently as possible. This project offers a solution to some bottlenecks in the old issuance flow by overhauling the cumbersome process of collecting documents and funding your reserve. We’ve eliminated some work for us, but more importantly for you. By providing a simple checklist of pending tasks and extensive section summary pages, there shouldn’t be any confusion as to what needs to be done in order to issue your production keys.

Simplified Document Submission

Clients can upload documents via the developer dashboard, but are often unsure of what business documents still need to be submitted. This tool provides helpful indicators to let you know what’s still missing. If there aren’t any documents submitted, we will walk you through the base document submission flow, prompt for the corresponding sub-documents, then take you to a summary of everything we’ve collected.

One Step to Fund Your Reserve

Some clients find the process of creating and funding a reserve account via the dashboard to be tricky. The client manager removes all complexities to make this a seamless, one-step operation. We achieve this by automatically creating a reserve account if the user doesn’t already have one and enabling the user to fund the reserve account from any newly created (or already linked) ACH node with the click of a button.

Easily Accessible UIaaS Preferences

Our UI as a Service products are extremely customizable. In fact, it is one of our main design principles. The client manager serves as a gateway for users to log on and submit logos, preferences, disclosures, and other details unique to your business. Each platform’s UIaaS experience is custom tailored to match the look and feel of their application. Our goal is to continue to add new sections as we roll out more UIaaS products in the future.

This is just the first installment in our efforts to build more efficient systems to support our clients. In time, our goal is to build out a fully self-service platform, so that you can request CIP changes, send contract proposals, add new features and more - all from your dashboard.


The client manager module is integrated into the existing developer dashboard @ under the “Me” section of your account. If you have any questions in regards to this new feature, or any other Synapse products and services, please feel free to reach out at

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Client Manager

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Michelle Nguyen
January 12, 2018

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Static and dynamic content editing

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How to customize formatting for each rich text

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