Current challenge for innovators

Today, crypto encompasses so much more than buying, selling, and trading, which makes it challenging to find one platform that has the on/off ramp banking capabilities, payment instruments, and APIs to build customized products that get to market quickly.

How Synapse helps address this

Synapse’s Crypto Hub delivers a modern Fiat Deposit Stack and a Crypto wallet enabling you to store Fiat and Crypto on one platform, along with a full stack of payment instruments, a KYC suite, and built-in multiple bank partnerships. Crypto Hub helps cryptocurrency innovators keep pace in this highly competitive market.

Synapse Features for Cryptocurrency

Here are some of the features that empower cryptocurrency companies to build crypto wallets and crypto investing services with the ease of an API call.

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FBO Sub-Account

Our Sub-Account is issued to the end user inside your FBO Account and is ideal for creating a low KYC automated savings product.

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AC/RT Issuance

Issue unique account numbers on top of deposit accounts to enable ACH and Wire transactions in and out of accounts for other platforms like Venmo, Lyft, PayPal, etc.

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ACH Payments

Process same day or next day ACH transactions in and out of accounts for easy bank-to-bank transfers.

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Domestic Wires

Send same-day wires to any US-based account.

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International Transfers/Wires

Send next-day transfers to non-US accounts to pay friends, family, or vendors.

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Leverage multiple banks either to maximize interest or increase FDIC coverage for your customers.

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Card Processing

Instantly fund accounts with any debit, prepaid or credit card. Instantly disburse funds to any debit or prepaid card-backed account for faster access to cash.

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