October 28, 2021

David Meltzer Interviews Synapse CEO

Synapse’s CEO, Sankaet Pathak was interviewed by David Meltzer and Mike Diamond on the program Office Hours recently. They discussed fintech trends including credit products, embedded finance, crypto investments, and global banking.

The interview began with a question about the recent launch of Credit Hub. Credit Hub is a feature complete credit and lending platform that powers credit products including open loans, revolving loans, one-time loans, and cash advances. Credit Hub’s purpose is to help nonbanks embed a wide range of credit products and launch within 6-8 weeks. “We’re really trying to make it easy for anyone and everyone to build on top of the credit rails,” Sankaet said.  

Sankaet goes on to answer David’s question about the democratization of banking, sharing Synapse’s perspective on how to raise the accessibility of high-quality banking products for all. 

When asked about the next 5 years Sankaet points to global banking for deposit, credit, and investing and shares his view on the role of crypto in global expansion. He also shares several use cases for global banking.

Full interview here (the second interview in the video)