October 22, 2021

Synapse Featured on NASDAQ TradeTalks

Join our CEO, Sankaet Pathak as he speaks with @Jill Malandrino of @Nasdaq #TradeTalks.

The interview kicks off with a discussion about Synapse’s purpose-driven mission to ensure that people have access to high-class financial products regardless of their net worth or location. They go on to talk about the current challenges of the underbanked and the movement to democratize tools so more people have access to services like debit cards, credit cards, short-term loans, crypto investing, and more. Sankaet then explains that he sees a lot of will in the marketplace to build great financial products, but there aren’t a lot of ways to do it. Synapse is building the infrastructure that makes it really easy to build and launch financial services in weeks, not years.

Jill shares that there were a lot of conversations this week about how traditional and legacy financial institutions are working with fintechs to bring modern financial products to market faster. Sankaet shared that indeed there are more sponsor banks who are willing to partner with fintech companies or banking as a service company like Synapse since the surge in digital services with COVID.