August 5, 2022

Unlocking the Keys to Success in Modern Finance

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Authority Magazine interviewed our CEO, Sankaet Pathak, recently about the five most important things one should know in order to succeed in the modern finance industry. 

When asked about exciting new projects, Sankaet called out Global Cash. Global Cash is a secure cash management account that enables residents in 36 countries to invest, hold and spend U.S. dollars. 

Starting with a series of questions that provided a foundation about Sankaet and Synapse, the interviewer asked about the advantages of purpose-driven businesses, and Sankaet shared Synapse’s mission that guides us through the ups and downs which is to ensure that everyone around the world has access to best-in-class financial products, regardless of their net worth. They went on to discuss additional founder topics including bootstrapping versus raising capital, how to value companies, what to do about growth then stagnation, and common financial mistakes. 

Returning to the main topic of the interview, the five most important things one should know in order to succeed in the modern finance industry, Sankaet shared backstories for each of the five important things that he named:

  1. Your team is the most important asset that you have
  2. Understanding economics is essential
  3. Understanding compliance is essential
  4. Be reasonably impatient and plan for delays
  5. The business of money (moving money, storing money, lending money) makes money

Closing the interview Sankaet answered the question about how he would help his colleagues thrive and not burn out and the answer was insightful. In addition to honoring work/life balance, he suggested that burning out can sometimes be a function of something that is bothering you and not always a function of how many hours you’re putting in. 

Lastly, when asked what movement he would start that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, he said changing the curriculum in schools where kids are taught the art of curiosity and learning new things.