Our mission

To ensure that everyone around the world has access to best-in-class financial products, regardless of their net worth.

Our Story

After immigrating to the US, Synapse's CEO & Co-Founder, Sankaet Pathak, experienced first-hand the difficulty in opening a US bank account or getting approved for credit without a financial history.

He did not fit into the traditional financial framework and he realized there must be millions of others experiencing the same problem. That’s why the company is dedicated to providing access to financial services for people who have been left behind by traditional banking institutions, and enabling developers to create more creative and accessible financial products on our API infrastructure.

Talk of the town

"Next up on Synapse’s fintech services platform: White-labeled credit products"

"Synapse is building the infrastructure that make it really easy for anybody who wants to build and launch a financial services product to do it not in a few years, which has been the current cadence, but in a few weeks ..."

“With their Credit Hub platform, Synapse is enabling partners to accelerate the launch of credit products, allowing new solutions to go to market in a matter of weeks instead of months.”

"With white-labeled APIs for developers, and bank- facing APIs for institutions to automate their back-end operations, Synapse customers can build, launch and scale best-in-class financial products and services."

Leadership team

We’re a group of industry leaders and experts, bringing decades of cumulative experience and knowledge to our company and customers.

Sankaet Pathak


Kathleen Fitzpatrick


Ray Picard


Mike Rasic


Samip Mehra

VP of Platform Engineering

Ajitesh Das

Sr Director of Core Software

Praveen Mamidi

Sr Director of Data and ML

Addyson Phan

Director of Audits & BSA

Jeff Vegh

Director of Compliance

Evrim Baskaraagac

Sr Compliance Support Manager

Scott Chaykin

VP of Customer Success

Margaret Skowronska

Head of People

Mark Stein

Director of Talent

Mike Rosen

Chief of Staff

Colleen Urgino

VP of Revenue

Kirk Millet

VP of Marketing & Revenue Operations

Carla McMorris

Director of Content

Dennis Wang

Director of Product Marketing

Simon Jaud

Director of FP&A

Tracey Guerin

Associate General Counsel

Join the team

We are a team of conscientious hard workers who also share a common sense of purpose. Our work style is collaborative and action-oriented.