Current challenge for innovators

Focusing on your core business while integrating and delivering feature-rich financial services is a challenge for embedded finance innovators seeking to deepen customer relationships and grow revenue.

How Synapse helps address this

Our RESTful APIs keep non-financial businesses on pace with the digital-first marketplace by empowering them to quickly integrate and deploy a wide range of banking features within their application including: credit and spend cards, loans, crypto wallets and transfers, digital accounts, and more.

Synapse Features for Embedded Finance

Here are some of the features that enable non-financial companies to build embedded finance applications quickly, easily, and securely.

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Card Issuance

Instantly issue card numbers on top of deposit or credit accounts, then load them into any mobile wallet of choice and/or ship a physical card with various shipping and card styling options, including metal.

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Card Processing

Instantly fund accounts with any debit, prepaid or credit card. Instantly disburse funds to any debit or prepaid card-backed account for faster access to cash.

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ACH Payments

Process same day or next day ACH transactions in and out of accounts for easy bank-to-bank transfers.

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Domestic Wires

Send same-day wires to any US-based account.

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International Transfers/Wires

Send next-day transfers to non-US accounts to pay friends, family, or vendors.

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Interest Carrying Deposit Account

Accrue interest daily on eligible deposit accounts. This account is ideal for creating a debit card product.

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