Current challenge for innovators

Neobanks are challenged with the need to innovate across multiple fronts, from digitization of banking to customer experiences, to addressing unique segment needs, to product innovation and more. Accomplishing all this while also needing to develop core banking infrastructure, overcome compliance hurdles and extend their platform across accounts, payments, credit and crypto make the challenge insurmountable.

How Synapse helps address this

The Synapse platform does the heavy lifting for you, providing core banking infrastructure, embedded compliance framework and the broadest set of banking features to allow you to focus on creating the best products and customer experiences for your audience.

Synapse Features for NeoBanking

Here are the features that give neobanks the power to design customized solutions.

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Daily Interest Accrual for End-Users

We manage all interest accrual for you and all the accrued interest is dispersed as a rebate every month.

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FBO Sub-Account

Our Sub-Account is issued to the end user inside your FBO Account and is ideal for creating a low KYC automated savings product.

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ACH Payments

Process same day or next day ACH transactions in and out of accounts for easy bank-to-bank transfers.

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Domestic Wires

Send same-day wires to any US-based account.

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Card Issuance

Instantly issue card numbers on top of deposit or credit accounts, then load them into any mobile wallet of choice and/or ship a physical card with various shipping and card styling options, including metal.

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Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit third-party checks into deposit or credit accounts via our Remote Deposit Check feature for repayment.

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Interest Carrying Deposit Account

Accrue interest daily on eligible deposit accounts. This account is ideal for creating a debit card product.

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