Interest Carrying Deposit Account

A bank account that carries interest. This account is ideal for creating a debit card product.

FBO Sub Account

A Sub Account issued to the end user inside your FBO Account. This account is ideal for creating a low KYC automated savings product.

Custody Account

An alternative to the deposit account, where the account is held under a trust vs a bank allowing a lower KYC wallet solution. Ideal for creating Fiat Wallet products.

Clearing Account

Non-FDIC insured account created for payment processing purposes. Ideal for creating merchant processing or payment processing solutions.

Create A User

POST /v3.1/users HTTP/1.1
X-SP-GATEWAY: client_id_xxx|client_secret_xxx
X-SP-USER-IP: ip_address
X-SP-USER: |fp_xxx
Content-Type: application/json

           "document_type": "GOVT_ID",
           "document_type": "MAILING_ADDRESS",

Open a Deposit Account

POST /v3.1/users/user_id/nodes HTTP/1.1
X-SP-USER-IP: ip_address
X-SP-USER: oauth_xxx|fp_xxx
Content-Type: application/json


 "type": "IC-DEPOSIT-US",
 "info": {
   "nickname":"My Interest Deposit Account",

After that, you can choose to link ACH, Wire, Interchange and many more account types to fund the deposit account and/or issue cards and account numbers for a more holistic experience.

Robust Features

Early Payroll Access

Enable early pay days by making the money available as soon as the payor notifies us of the intended deposit – which is often up to 2 days before most banks make the funds available.

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Rebates for Platforms

Accrue daily rebates on deposits kept with us.

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Leverage multiple banks either to maximize interest or increase FDIC coverage for your customers.

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International Transfers/Wires

Send next-day transfers to non-US accounts to pay friends, family, or vendors.

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AC/RT Issuance

Issue unique account numbers on top of deposit accounts to enable ACH and Wire transactions in and out of accounts for other platforms like Venmo, Lyft, PayPal, etc.

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Use our Webhooks infrastructure to stay up-to-date on your user accounts.

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Daily Interest Accrual for End-Users

We manage all interest accrual for you and all the accrued interest is dispersed as a rebate every month.

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Bill Pay

Enable your customers to pay bills to thousands of vendors through our RPPS Integration.

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Cash Access

Enable your customers to deposit or access cash in their deposit accounts via ATMs and popular convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Walgreens.

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Card Issuance

Instantly issue card numbers on top of deposit or credit accounts, then load them into any mobile wallet of choice and/or ship a physical card with various shipping and card styling options, including metal.

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Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit third-party checks into deposit or credit accounts via our Remote Deposit Check feature for repayment.

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Domestic Wires

Send same-day wires to any US-based account.

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Check Issuance

Issue checks backed by deposit or credit accounts for traditional bill payments.

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ACH Payments

Process same day or next day ACH transactions in and out of accounts for easy bank-to-bank transfers.

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By partnering with Synapse and its partner banks, Nomad is helping break down the barriers to enable people who are not in the US to bank within the US using our modern technology. Nomad offers these financial solutions to their customers that include sending money abroad, and investing money.

Deposit Hub Pricing

Synapse is already powering over $50 billion in transactions annually. Get started with tailored solutions, custom pricing, and dedicated support for your team.

Competitive on total cost of ownership.

Comprehensive with built-in core banking, payment rails and risk/compliance infrastructure. Pricing represents all you need to launch fully featured deposit and payment products.

Pricing is customizable to meet your needs.

Components may include:

Monthly subscription fee
This fee varies based on features enabled and overall business risk, in addition to the level of other fees in this list.
Per user fees, which decrease with scale
Share of rebates on deposits
Share of interchange revenue

To learn more, please contact us.

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