Current challenge for innovators

Traditional credit and debit cards are great for traditional needs, but nontraditional cards, such as special-purpose spend cards and credit builder cards offer new opportunities to engage customers and grow new revenue streams. The challenge becomes, what platform enables the flexibility to design cards with custom authorization decisioning, issuance terms, linked account types and personalized branding to meet your audience’s needs.

How Synapse helps address this

The Synapse platform empowers innovators with the ultimate in card issuance flexibility to optimize authorization decisioning, risk management, and card user experience.

Synapse Features for Card Issuance

Here are some of the features that enable card issuers to customize cards to meet the unique needs of their customers.

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Card Issuance

Instantly issue card numbers on top of deposit or credit accounts, then load them into any mobile wallet of choice and/or ship a physical card with various shipping and card styling options, including metal.

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Card Processing

Instantly fund accounts with any debit, prepaid or credit card. Instantly disburse funds to any debit or prepaid card-backed account for faster access to cash.

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Cash Access

Enable your customers to deposit or access cash in their deposit accounts via ATMs and popular convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Walgreens.

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Credit Card

Issue a secured or unsecured revolving loan and a card to unlock a traditional credit card experience for your customers.

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Debit Card

Open deposit accounts, issue a card and an account number to create a neobanking platform for your customers.

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Spend Card

Issue a card, use instant auth to fund the card at the time of the transaction. Authorization decisioning is in real-time and can be rules-based or passed from an external system.

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