Current challenge for innovators

Building a feature-rich credit or lending experience for end-users is a challenge as it requires a wide variety of loan types, reserve requirements, governance limits, underwriting logic, and lender licensing. Addressing all these challenges on your own could take years.

How Synapse helps address this

Synapse’s multiple credit products provide the building blocks to construct any type of credit offers you can imagine, with Synapse as your built-in lender of record. From Open Loans to Revolving Loans, to Credit Builder Loans to Buy Now, Pay Later, our platform provides flexibility to tune underwriting models, integrate credit and lending products and launch innovative experiences to your users.

Synapse Features for Lending & Credit

Here are some of the features that empower Credit & Lending innovators to customize their offerings to meet the needs of their users.

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ACH Payments

Process same day or next day ACH transactions in and out of accounts for easy bank-to-bank transfers.

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Card Issuance

Instantly issue card numbers on top of deposit or credit accounts, then load them into any mobile wallet of choice and/or ship a physical card with various shipping and card styling options, including metal.

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Credit Builder

Enable your individual or business customers to build credit.

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Enable auto-pay for ease of repayment without the need to manage payment installments.

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Bill Pay

Enable your customers to pay bills to thousands of vendors through our RPPS Integration.

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Interest Carrying Deposit Account

Accrue interest daily on eligible deposit accounts. This account is ideal for creating a debit card product.

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