We believe a modern bank needs to have an automated back office to lower costs and an API to allow Financial Technology companies to build next generation banking products. For that purpose, we constantly strive to build state of the art API banking products.
Our Products
Payment Products
Send and receive funds between bank accounts via ACH or Wires.
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Deposit Products
Open FDIC insured true deposit or sub-accounts for your customers with one API call.
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Our Technology
CORE is our core banking system that aggregates all of the Synapse applications. Front facing APIs are consumed by developers for building innovative banking products while backend APIs are used by banks to integrate Synapse functionality into their systems.
KYC 3.0 is our modular KYC system that allows us to customize Know Your Customer rules at a per platform level. This allows companies building on top of Synapse to keep customer on-boarding flows the way they want, while staying in compliance.
Sherlock is a cluster of various data aggregation services. Applications include bank account aggregation, social media look up, SSN verification, sanctions screenings etc.
Newton is a cluster of various machine learning tools. Applications include physical document verification like government IDs, enhanced due diligence tools like video auth, etc.
Our Banking Partners
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