Release Notes

May 22, 2023

April Release Notes 2023

Carla McMorris

📈 Enhancements

🚢  Add Status Note to CSV Download for Transaction

Synapse has added the ‘Status Note’ field to the transaction download in the V3 dashboard. This field gives you more details about the transaction status and helps you understand why a transaction may not have been settled. This feature can be accessed by clicking the download button while on the transactions page.

Daily Cash and Transaction Limit Visibility

Synapse has improved our ‘Update Subnet Modal’ by including and populating the daily cash and transaction limits. This information helps your team know what the current controls are for a user when updating their subnet. This new modal can be reached from the subnet details page.

More Accessible Page Titles with Analytics

Synapse has added more granular page titles to the V3 dashboard. These new titles will allow visually impaired users to get more detailed information when navigating through the dashboard while using a screen reader. These new titles can be seen in the browser tabs when using the V3 dashboard.

KYC Fee Nodes

Synapse has added a ‘KYC Fee Node’ in the client settings of the V3 dashboard. This will allow you to set the node that is billed for any KYC-related fees, providing greater control and visibility over how you are billed. This enhancement can be accessed from the preferences page in client settings. Additionally, you can now connect any fee node to your cash management account (CMA) nodes, giving you more flexibility when paying for these services.

Added Alabama to our Synapse Credit LLC Licenses

Many states require that companies engaged in various parts of the consumer lending process to hold a state license. Synapse Credit LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Synapse Financial Technologies, Inc., is proud to lend to consumers in most states. We are now licensed to operate our credit program in Alabama (AL). Click for a full list of supported states.

🛠️ Bug Fixes

  • We updated our error handling and timeout logic associated with CSV Downloads. The user will now see more consistent CSV downloads and clearer error messages.
  • We fixed a bug where clients were incorrectly seeing permission denied after a page refresh.
  • When a user clicks "Refresh OAuth" the counter resets, and the bar now gets dismissed as intended. To improve security, when a session times out, users will be redirected to the login page across all tabs they may have open. This also is a good usability improvement as it prevents users from attempting an action, only to have it fail because their session expired.
  • We updated the transaction detail page so it will now always display the current user IDs. 
  • The color of the dashboard environment name wasn’t changing with dark mode. The text now changes to the appropriate color in dark mode. 
  • A fix was made to properly apply the return fee to the respective platform whenever a transaction is popped from the return status.