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May 3, 2023

Synapse Welcomes AMG National Trust as a New Bank Partner

Carla McMorris
Director of Content

Synapse Welcomes AMG National Trust as a New Bank Partner

Today Synapse is excited to announce our partnership with AMG National Trust (“AMG”), a Denver-based wealth manager and national bank. AMG will enhance Synapse’s capacity to rapidly deliver innovative digital financial services to fintechs and their customers. 

This partnership represents an extension of our modular banking strategy that includes American Bank and Lineage Bank. Modular banking is an infrastructure that sources specialized services across multiple bank partners to deliver these services collectively as a complete offering to all its fintech and enterprise customers. 

AMG will serve as a partner bank to Synapse’s broker dealer and credit entities in providing services such as virtual account issuance, BIN sponsorship, and payment processing.

“We are thrilled to welcome AMG National Trust to our expanding list of bank partners that enable us to offer world-class financial services to our customers,” said Synapse CEO and co-founder Sankaet Pathak. “As a regulated embedded finance provider, Synapse can offer the best terms and services from across our bank partner ecosystem to fintech companies and enterprises. We look forward to collaborating with AMG to further strengthen the value we deliver to our customers while supporting their endeavors to provide digital financial services to the fintech industry.”

“We are excited about partnering with Synapse,” said Sheryl Bollinger, President and CEO of AMG. “Since our inception, AMG has been committed to growing and evolving our business to meet the needs of our clients. With our size, independence, and diverse range of products, we are well-positioned to partner with Synapse to enable critical capabilities for its customers.”

To learn more about our modular banking strategy, please read the press release.

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Synapse Welcomes AMG National Trust as a New Bank Partner

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Carla McMorris
May 3, 2023

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