August 16, 2022

Synapse Welcomes New Bank Partner, Lineage Bank, Expanding Our Multi-Bank Partnership Strategy

Synapse is partnering with Lineage Bank to make it faster and easier for fintech companies to launch and scale a wide range of financial services and products. A part of Synapse’s multi-bank strategy, the partnership will enable fintech companies and other non-banks to build and deliver innovative financial apps and services.

“Lineage is a nimble, fast-moving bank that recognizes the power of the BaaS space to serve more customers,” said Sankaet Pathak, CEO of Synapse.

Lineage Bank, a traditional community bank based in Franklin, Tennessee will serve as a sponsor bank to Synapse and its affiliates, providing core banking services such as FDIC deposit insurance, payment processing, and card issuance. 

“Lineage is committed to staying on the leading edge of banking technology to better serve our local customers and reach new ones,“ said Kevin Herrington, CEO of Lineage Bank.