How is Cryptocurrency Disrupting Money Movement?

April 15, 2021
Sankaet Pathak
CEO, Synapse
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Welcome back to episode 6 of the new series Under The Hood from 11:FS and Synapse. In this series, we’re diving deep to uncover the banking infrastructure that is disrupting traditional banking models and shaking up the system to improve the financial lives of millions around the world.

This week we’re moving into the world of cryptocurrency and stable coins and examining how they are starting to disrupt the global money movement. To elaborate on this topic the co-hosts, Simon Taylor, co-founder of 11:FS, and Sankaet Pathak, founder of Synapse are joined by guests Jonathan Conway, CTO at Mode, Rhian Lewis, author of The Cryptocurrency Revolution and Neel Popat, CEO of Donut.

The discussion kicks off with the definition of stable coins and descriptions of the coins that are contributing to this booming market. They go on to explore how stable coins are different than the old world, spotlighting their ability to plug into different types of infrastructure and remove friction between intermediaries, especially across borders. They discuss yield and why consumers might be looking at stable coins to store value and what some of the barriers may be.

“When we talk about this boom in the stable coin market we’re seeing these new use cases that are really reshaping financial services and stable coins are the juice to fuel that ecosystem.”

-Neel Popat

They continue with a deep discussion about regulation, rules, and risk, answering questions like how regulation and compliance are beginning to change as big systems and organizations (CDC, OCC, Fed Reserve, etc.) begin to accept crypto and stable coins. They continue with fresh perspectives about the ways in which these two worlds may one day coexist.

Spotlighting recent investments by corporations like Tesla and Square, the group discusses whether the tide is turning as some big players in financial services (DBS Bank of Singapore, BBVA, PayPal) start to embrace cryptocurrencies. The session concludes with their forecasts for cryptocurrencies, crypto assets, and stable coins.

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