Support for Domestic and International Wires

Wire transfers are ideal for sending large dollar amounts or sending money across international borders. Wires have a faster processing speed than ACH transactions, however they are more costly. Domestic wires settle on the same day if created before 12 PM PST. International wires settle on the same day when created before 9 AM PST. Our Wire Transfer product is frequently used in combination with our Deposit products.

At the API level, Wires work the following way:

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import os
from synapse_pay_rest import Client
from synapse_pay_rest import User
from synapse_pay_rest.models.nodes import WireUsNode
kwargs = {
'nickname': 'My Checking Account',
'account_number': '2222222222',
'routing_number': '051000017',
'name_on_account': 'John Smith',
'address': '464 California St, San Francisco, CA 94104'
node = WireUsNode.create(user, **kwargs)

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