On-Demand Bill Pay Via Checks

On-demand Checks are pre-printed by our partner banks, requiring no handwriting. Fonts used on checks are optimized for improving OCR (optical character recognition) performance, removing exception handling due to illegible handwriting.

Since checks are on-demand, the customer’s address is verified before issuing the check. This reduces bad address exceptions. Insufficient fund exceptions are also eliminated because our system knows the user’s balance prior to writing the check. We deduct the amount written on the check from the user’s Synapse deposit account in real-time, simplifying account balancing for users. Our checks are widely accepted and an inexpensive method of payment.

At the API level, Checks work the following way:

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import os
from synapse_pay_rest import Client
from synapse_pay_rest import User
from synapse_pay_rest.models.nodes import CheckUsNode
kwargs = {
'nickname': 'PG&E',
'payee_name': 'Pacific, Gas, & Electric',
'address_street': '2225 Folsom St',
'address_city': 'San Francisco',
'address_subdivision': 'CA',
'address_country_code': 'US',
'address_postal_code': '94110'
node = CheckUsNode.create(user, **kwargs)

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